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The Android based mobile application, PKUDietBook, has not been published on the Android Market yet, while I continue to work on some of the final details. I am planning to get it out on the market before the end of this year to make it easier to install. In the meantime, please feel free to contact me if you are interested in using this application, and I would be more than happy to set you up on both your cell phone and the web site. Contact me at: tlee@mypkudiet.com


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mypkudiet.com Screenshots

 Below are three screenshots from the content management based web site which is the companion of the mobile application PKUDietBook. Low protein food list/nutrition facts are hosted and searchable either on the web site or via the PKUDietBook application. The web site also stores all the diet records that are uploaded from the PKUDieBook application and formats them into searchable reports. These reports can be easily shared with dietitians or doctors of your clinic.

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Here are some screenshots of the PKUDietBook mobile application running on a HTC G1 cell phone. It also runs on other available Android based cell phones models (see Android Cell Phones by US Carriers).

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