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Application Use Case

A few of you asked me for a use case to demonstrate how this app helps me in my life. Here is one.

What I did for myself is that I added the most commonly used 300+ foods my son Vincent eats into my web site and that’s what my application search is currently based on. Everytime we encounter a new food, I just log into www.mypkudiet.com and add the nutrition facts for it so i can use it afterwards. Once I add a food into his diet, three key nutrition facts’ total will be calculated so I can track how much phe, protein and calories in his diet for the day. Any user can do the same thing.


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Today, I released the PKUDietBook application to the Android Market so it can be downloaded from any Android based cell phone with internet access right off your device. The default username and password will give you the ability to search my database for low protein foods (phe fact and calorie amount) and to manage diet records on the device. But if you want to upload diet records to the application’s companion web site http://www.mypkudiet.com for record keeping and sharing, you will need to go to the web site and register for a new account.

Currently my database has about the most popular 200+ low protein food records that my son has been eating for his PKU diet. A registered user can login the web site and create  as many as foods from various data source of your own choice. If you like, I can help batch load your low protein food list if you can put them into a spreadsheet format provided. Please feel free to contact me @ tlee@mypkudiet.com if you would like to help.

Search keyword “PKU” on the official Android Market.


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