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Dear PKU Community:

A new release of the PKUDietBook Mobile Application and the website http://www.mypkudiet.com are now available. The mobile application will work on any Android phone. Both the mobile application and the website are free. You can use both the mobile application and the website together or just the website or mobile application alone. In addition to new features, there are now User Guides for both the website and the mobile application. To view the User Guides, click on the User Guides tab on the http://www.mypkudiet.com website.

EXISTING USERS – WARNING – Downloading the new version will wipe out all diet record data on the mobile application. We recommend that you upload all diet records before proceeding with installing the new version from Android Market.

NEW USERS: To sign up on the website (recommended to use in conjunction with the mobile application, but not required) go to http://www.mypkudiet.com and Create a New Account under the Log In area on the upper left corner of the site. You will receive an email from the system with a temporary password. Immediately log into the site and change the password. If you want to upload your diet records from your mobile phone to the website, you will need your website log in information for your Diet Record settings on the mobile application. In the new release, you can also pull daily diet record information from the website to the mobile phone. This will allow you to use both the website and the mobile application for diet tracking.

If you would like you your dietician or doctor to be able to view your diet records, you may send a request to tlee@mypkudiet.com. Please include the First and Last Name and a valid Email address for the doctor or dietician.

To download the new mobile application, go to Market on the Android phone. Click on Apps and search for “PKU”. Click on the result PKUDietBook (TJ Lee). You will see a description of the application. To install click on the Install button on the bottom of the screen. The application will install and you should then see a PKUDietBook Icon on your applications view on your phone. Once the application is installed, we recommend you review the PKUDietBook Mobile Application User Guide for setting up your mobile application and to get a good basic understanding on using the application. We would love to hear from the PKU community if there are any features that they would like to see included in the mobile application or website. If you have any questions or ideas/feedback please email TJ Lee at tlee@mypkudiet.com.


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