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I have decided to stop updating this list as of July 19th, 2010 since there have been many many models coming out this year and all major US cell phone carriers now have multiple Android based cell phones in their offering lineups. Check with your preferred providers’ web site for detail.

Current Google Android Phone Models:

06/2010: SprintPCS EVO by HTC

06/2010: AT&T Aria by HTC

06/2010: AT&T Backflip by Motorola

06/2010: VerizonWireless Droid Invredible by HTC

05/2010: Verizon Wireless Ally by LG

05/2010: T-Mobile Garmin-Asus Garminfone

04/2010: Verizon Devour by Motorola

01/2010: T-Mobile-Google Nexus One.

12/2009: SprintPCS Samsung Moment by Samsung

11/2009: T-Mobile Behold II by Samsung

11/2009: Verizon Droid Eris by HTC

11/2009: Verizon Droid by Motorola

10/2009: T-Mobile Cliq by Motorola

10/2009: SprintPCS Hero by HTC

09/2009: T-Mobile MyTouch by HTC

08/2008: T-Mobile G1 by HTC


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