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Some of you have run into a invalid username error while using the Diet Record Management function on your mobile device. Please note that, currently, there are two credential settings in the applications, one is for search and one is for diet record upload. There is a default username/password came with the app allowing the basic search function under Low Protein Food List, while the diet record management requires a valid username and password in order to upload your diet records to the www.mypkudiet.com web site so your diet records can only be seen by you. you can register an account on the home page of www.mypkudiet.com. Registered user has many other benefits using the web site from which you can enter additional food record phe/protein/calories facts so that you can use later on your cell phone, or you can run reports on your diet records, etc.

I am planning to consolidate the two credential together, hope to see it in the next version. Thanks!


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